Honors & Awards

  • Graduate Research Fellowship, NSF (2016-2018)

Education & Certifications

  • M.S., Stanford University, Applied Physics (2016)
  • S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Electrical Engineering and Physics (2014)

Stanford Advisors

All Publications

  • Diamond optomechanical crystals with embedded nitrogen-vacancy centers QUANTUM SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Cady, J., Michel, O., Lee, K. W., Patel, R. N., Sarabalis, C. J., Safavi-Naeini, A. H., Jayich, A. 2019; 4 (2)
  • Single-Mode Phononic Wire PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Patel, R. N., Wang, Z., Jiang, W., Sarabalis, C. J., Hill, J. T., Safavi-Naeini, A. H. 2018; 121 (4)
  • Engineering Phonon Leakage in Nanomechanical Resonators Physical Review Applied Patel, R. N., Sarabalis, C. J., Jiang, W., Hill, J. T., Safavi-Naeini, A. H. 2017; 8 (4)
  • Efficient photon coupling from a diamond nitrogen vacancy center by integration with silica fiber LIGHT-SCIENCE & APPLICATIONS Patel, R. N., Schroeder, T., Wan, N., Li, L., Mouradian, S. L., Chen, E. H., Englund, D. R. 2016; 5