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  • New Constraints on Dark Photon Dark Matter with Superconducting Nanowire Detectors in an Optical Haloscope. Physical review letters Chiles, J., Charaev, I., Lasenby, R., Baryakhtar, M., Huang, J., Roshko, A., Burton, G., Colangelo, M., Van Tilburg, K., Arvanitaki, A., Nam, S. W., Berggren, K. K. 2022; 128 (23): 231802


    Uncovering the nature of dark matter is one of the most important goals of particle physics. Light bosonic particles, such as the dark photon, are well-motivated candidates: they are generally long-lived, weakly interacting, and naturally produced in the early universe. In this work, we report on Light A^{'} Multilayer Periodic Optical SNSPD Target, a proof-of-concept experiment searching for dark photon dark matter in the eV mass range, via coherent absorption in a multilayer dielectric haloscope. Using a superconducting nanowire single-photon detector (SNSPD), we achieve efficient photon detection with a dark count rate of 6*10^{-6}counts/s. We find no evidence for dark photon dark matter in the mass range of 0.7-0.8eV with kinetic mixing epsilon≳10^{-12}, improving existing limits in epsilon by up to a factor of 2. With future improvements to SNSPDs, our architecture could probe significant new parameter space for dark photon and axion dark matter in the meV to 10eV mass range.

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  • Dark matter-electron scattering in materials: Sum rules and heterostructures PHYSICAL REVIEW D Lasenby, R., Prabhu, A. 2022; 105 (9)
  • Dark matter scattering in astrophysical media: collective effects JOURNAL OF COSMOLOGY AND ASTROPARTICLE PHYSICS DeRocco, W., Galanis, M., Lasenby, R. 2022: 1-59
  • Dark photons in the solar basin PHYSICAL REVIEW D Lasenby, R., Tilburg, K. 2021; 104 (2)
  • Parametrics of electromagnetic searches for axion dark matter PHYSICAL REVIEW D Lasenby, R. 2021; 103 (7)
  • Black hole superradiance of self-interacting scalar fields PHYSICAL REVIEW D Baryakhtar, M., Galanis, M., Lasenby, R., Simon, O. 2021; 103 (9)
  • Long range dark matter self-interactions and plasma instabilities JOURNAL OF COSMOLOGY AND ASTROPARTICLE PHYSICS Lasenby, R. 2020
  • Microwave cavity searches for low-frequency axion dark matter PHYSICAL REVIEW D Lasenby, R. 2020; 102 (1)
  • Light vectors coupled to bosonic currents PHYSICAL REVIEW D Dror, J. A., Lasenby, R., Pospelov, M. 2019; 99 (5)
  • Black hole mergers and the QCD axion at Advanced LIGO PHYSICAL REVIEW D Arvanitaki, A., Baryakhtar, M., Dimopoulos, S., Dubovsky, S., Lasenby, R. 2017; 95 (4)
  • Black hole superradiance signatures of ultralight vectors Physical Review D Baryakhtar, M., Lasenby, R., Teo, M. 2017
  • Twin Higgs WIMP dark matter PHYSICAL REVIEW D Garcia, I., Lasenby, R., March-Russell, J. 2015; 92 (5)
  • Twin Higgs Asymmetric Dark Matter PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Garcia, I., Lasenby, R., March-Russell, J. 2015; 115 (12): 121801


    We study asymmetric dark matter (ADM) in the context of the minimal (fraternal) twin Higgs solution to the little hierarchy problem, with a twin sector with gauged SU(3)^{'}×SU(2)^{'}, a twin Higgs doublet, and only third-generation twin fermions. Naturalness requires the QCD^{'} scale Λ_{QCD}^{'}≃0.5-20  GeV, and that t^{'} is heavy. We focus on the light b^{'} quark regime, m_{b^{'}}≲Λ_{QCD}^{'}, where QCD^{'} is characterized by a single scale Λ_{QCD}^{'} with no light pions. A twin baryon number asymmetry leads to a successful dark matter (DM) candidate: the spin-3/2 twin baryon, Δ^{'}∼b^{'}b^{'}b^{'}, with a dynamically determined mass (∼5Λ_{QCD}^{'}) in the preferred range for the DM-to-baryon ratio Ω_{DM}/Ω_{baryon}≃5. Gauging the U(1)^{'} group leads to twin atoms (Δ^{'}-τ^{'}[over ¯] bound states) that are successful ADM candidates in significant regions of parameter space, sometimes with observable changes to DM halo properties. Direct detection signatures satisfy current bounds, at times modified by dark form factors.

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  • Signatures of large composite Dark Matter states JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS Hardy, E., Lasenby, R., March-Russell, J., West, S. M. 2015
  • Big Bang synthesis of nuclear dark matter JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS Hardy, E., Lasenby, R., March-Russell, J., West, S. M. 2015