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  • Onset of non-Gaussian quantum physics in pulsed squeezing with mesoscopic fields OPTICA Yanagimoto, R., Ng, E., Yamamura, A., Onodera, T., Wright, L. G., Jankowski, M., Fejer, M. M., McMahon, P. L., Mabuchi, H. 2022; 9 (4): 379-390
  • Efficient simulation of ultrafast quantum nonlinear optics with matrix product states OPTICA Yanagimoto, R., Ng, E., Wright, L. G., Onodera, T., Mabuchi, H. 2021; 8 (10): 1306-1315
  • Fano discrete-continuum interactions in broadband parametric downconversion Yanagimoto, R., Ng, E., Jankowski, M., Onodera, T., Fejer, M. M., Mabuchi, H., IEEE IEEE. 2021
  • Engineering a Kerr-Based Deterministic Cubic Phase Gate via Gaussian Operations. Physical review letters Yanagimoto, R., Onodera, T., Ng, E., Wright, L. G., McMahon, P. L., Mabuchi, H. 2020; 124 (24): 240503


    We propose a deterministic, measurement-free implementation of a cubic phase gate for continuous-variable quantum information processing. In our scheme, the applications of displacement and squeezing operations allow us to engineer the effective evolution of the quantum state propagating through an optical Kerr nonlinearity. Under appropriate conditions, we show that the input state evolves according to a cubic phase Hamiltonian, and we find that the cubic phase gate error decreases inverse quartically with the amount of quadrature squeezing, even in the presence of linear loss. We also show how our scheme can be adapted to deterministically generate a nonclassical approximate cubic phase state with high fidelity using a ratio of native nonlinearity to linear loss of only 10^{-4}, indicating that our approach may be experimentally viable in the near term even on all-optical platforms, e.g., using quantum solitons in pulsed nonlinear nanophotonics.

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  • Measurement-free Kerr-based cubic phase gate with Gaussian operations Yanagimoto, R., Onodera, T., Ng, E., Wright, L. G., McMahon, P. L., Mabuchi, H., IEEE IEEE. 2020
  • Adiabatic Fock-state-generation scheme using Kerr nonlinearity PHYSICAL REVIEW A Yanagimoto, R., Ng, E., Onodera, T., Mabuchi, H. 2019; 100 (3)
  • Modeling light shifts in optical lattice clocks PHYSICAL REVIEW A Nemitz, N., Jorgensen, A., Yanagimoto, R., Bregolin, F., Katori, H. 2019; 99 (3)
  • Decomposed description of Ramsey spectra under atomic interactions PHYSICAL REVIEW A Yanagimoto, R., Nemitz, N., Bregolin, F., Katori, H. 2018; 98 (1)
  • Adiabatic Fock State Generation Scheme Using Kerr Nonlinearity Yanagimoto, R., Onodera, T., Ng, E., Mabuchi, H., IEEE IEEE. 2018