Academic Appointments

Professional Education

  • B.Sc., Università degli studi di Napoli "Federico II", Physics (2004)
  • M.Sc., Università degli studi di Napoli "Federico II", Theoretical Physics (2007)
  • Ph.D., University of Reading, UK, Meteorology (2011)

Current Research and Scholarly Interests

Salvatore Pascale is a Research Scientist at the Department of Earth System Sciences at Stanford University.

His interests lie in understanding the impact of climate natural variability and change on the hydroclimate, with a particular emphasis on high-impact weather events (e.g., droughts, extreme precipitation) in monsoonal, mediterranean and semi-arid climates. These are densely populated regions, which, given the seasonal or erratic nature of their rainfall regimes, are particularly exposed to climate variability and to the impacts of global warming. In his research, Salvatore combines observations, statistical techniques and dynamical theory, and comprehensive and idealized climate models.

All Publications

  • SPEAR: The Next Generation GFDL Modeling System for Seasonal to Multidecadal Prediction and Projection JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN MODELING EARTH SYSTEMS Delworth, T. L., Cooke, W. F., Adcroft, A., Bushuk, M., Chen, J., Dunne, K. A., Ginoux, P., Gudgel, R., Hallberg, R. W., Harris, L., Harrison, M. J., Johnson, N., Kapnick, S. B., Lin, S., Lu, F., Malyshev, S., Milly, P. C., Murakami, H., Naik, V., Pascale, S., Paynter, D., Rosati, A., Schwarzkopf, M. D., Shevliakova, E., Underwood, S., Wittenberg, A. T., Xiang, B., Yang, X., Zeng, F., Zhang, H., Zhang, L., Zhao, M. 2020; 12 (3)
  • The Impact of Sea Surface Temperature Biases on North American Precipitation in a High-Resolution Climate Model JOURNAL OF CLIMATE Johnson, N. C., Krishnamurthy, L., Wittenberg, A. T., Xiang, B., Vecchi, G. A., Kapnick, S. B., Pascale, S. 2020; 33 (6): 2427–47
  • Current and Future Variations of the Monsoons of the Americas in a Warming Climate CURRENT CLIMATE CHANGE REPORTS Pascale, S., Carvalho, L. M., Adams, D. K., Castro, C. L., Cavalcanti, I. A. 2019; 5 (3): 125–44
  • On the Angola Low Interannual Variability and Its Role in Modulating ENSO Effects in Southern Africa JOURNAL OF CLIMATE Pascale, S., Pohl, B., Kapnick, S. B., Zhang, H. 2019; 32 (15): 4783–4803
  • Potential Increase in Hazard From Mediterranean Hurricane Activity With Global Warming GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS Gonzalez-Aleman, J. J., Pascale, S., Gutierrez-Fernandez, J., Murakami, H., Gaertner, M. A., Vecchi, G. A. 2019; 46 (3): 1754–64
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  • The persistent signature of tropical cyclones in ambient seismic noise EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS Gualtieri, L., Camargo, S. J., Pascale, S., Pons, F. E., Ekstrom, G. 2018; 484: 287–94
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  • The Impact of Horizontal Resolution on North American Monsoon Gulf of California Moisture Surges in a Suite of Coupled Global Climate Models JOURNAL OF CLIMATE Pascale, S., Bordoni, S., Kapnick, S. B., Vecchi, G. A., Jia, L., Delworth, T. L., Underwood, S., Anderson, W. 2016; 29 (21): 7911–36
  • Seasonal cycle of precipitation over major river basins in South and Southeast Asia: A review of the CMIP5 climate models data for present climate and future climate projections ATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH ul Hasson, S., Pascale, S., Lucarini, V., Boehner, J. 2016; 180: 42–63
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