Samah Elbelazi has a Ph.D. in Composition and TESOL from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and MA in Literature from Tripoli University, Libya. Before coming to the Program in Writing and Rhetoric, Samah taught Composition courses in the Department of English and the American Language Institute at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. In her art-based research dissertation, Theorizing Libyan feminism: Poetic representation of Muslim Libyan women’s experiences, Samah used poetic ethnography to facilitate the voice of Libyan Muslim women by composing poems from the women’s narratives. She also discussed concepts such as power, voice, silence and social justice and how these notions can be negotiated in the writing courses. Her interdisciplinary research along with her teaching include art-based research, TESOL studies, narrative inquiry, and composition.

Academic Appointments

  • Lecturer, Stanford Introductory Studies - Program in Writing and Rhetoric

Current Research and Scholarly Interests

SPECIALIZATION: Art-based Research, Rhetoric and TESOL, Narrative Inquiry, Islamic Feminism