Samir Chowdhury is a Bengali-American environmentalist studying sustainable energy and public policy at Stanford University. He is the founder and executive director of Youth Climate Action Team Inc, a global climate justice advocacy nonprofit with over 1,500 youth organizers across 22 countries spearheading lobbying efforts at domestic and international scales, equitable climate education programs, activism leadership development, and unprecedented research—reaching over 300,000 in the process. YCAT Inc has collaborated with the Environmental Protection Agency, United Nations Environment Programme, White House, and more.

His activism has led him to advise EPA Administrator Michael Regan, speak at the Harvard Institute of Politics, and interview for features in The Stanford Daily, The Teen Magazine, Kids Inspire Difference, and more. Samir was also internationally commended by the World Bank for authoring an innovative climate resolution proposal and has trailblazed the movement for environmental justice curriculum in the Fairfax County Public Schools district.

Additionally, Samir has researched the mortality benefits of photovoltaic energy and designed a photovoltaic energy project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by thousands of metric tones in Oahu, Hawaii, under the mentorship of experts at Harvard University. In the future, Samir hopes to work towards a low-carbon future, catalyzing strides in the clean energy sector through an inclusive approach that prioritizes marginalized groups.

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