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  • A Stretchable Tactile Sleeve for Reaching Into Cluttered Spaces IEEE ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION LETTERS Gruebele, A. M., Lin, M. A., Brouwer, D., Yuan, S., Zerbe, A. C., Cutkosky, M. R. 2021; 6 (3): 5308-5315
  • Design and Control of Roller Grasper V2 for In-Hand Manipulation Yuan, S., Shao, L., Yako, C. L., Gruebele, A., Salisbury, J., IEEE IEEE. 2020: 9151-9158
  • Design of a Roller-Based Dexterous Hand for Object Grasping and Within-Hand Manipulation Yuan, S., Epps, A. D., Nowak, J. B., Salisbury, J., IEEE IEEE. 2020: 8870-8876
  • Investigating Tangible Collaboration for Design Towards Augmented Physical Telepresence DESIGN THINKING RESEARCH: MAKING DISTINCTIONS: COLLABORATION VERSUS COOPERATION Siu, A. F., Yuan, S., Pham, H., Gonzalez, E., Kim, L. H., Le Goc, M., Follmer, S., Plattner, H., Meinel, C., Leifer, L. 2018: 131–45