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  • A chameleon catalyst for nonheme iron-promoted olefin oxidation CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS Iyer, S. R., Javadi, M. M., Feng, Y., Hyun, M. Y., Oloo, W. N., Kim, C., Que, L. 2014; 50 (89): 13777-13780


    We report the chameleonic reactivity of two nonheme iron catalysts for olefin oxidation with H2O2 that switch from nearly exclusive cis-dihydroxylation of electron-poor olefins to the exclusive epoxidation of electron-rich olefins upon addition of acetic acid. This switching suggests a common precursor to the nucleophilic oxidant proposed to Fe(III)-η(2)-OOH and electrophilic oxidant proposed to Fe(V)(O)(OAc), and reversible coordination of acetic acid as a switching pathway.

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  • Cyclohexene as a substrate probe for the nature of the high-valent iron-oxo oxidant in Fe(TPA)-catalyzed oxidations NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY Oloo, W. N., Feng, Y., Iyer, S., Parmelee, S., Xue, G., Que, L. 2013; 37 (11): 3411-3415

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  • Microwave observation of (KBr)-K-41-Br-79 and (KBr)-K-41-Br-81 from laser-ablated potassium bromide JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY Timp, B. A., Doran, J. L., Lyer, S., Grabow, J., Leopold, K. R. 2012; 271 (1): 20-24