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  • Coupling-Independent Real-Time Wireless Resistive Sensing Through Nonlinear PT Symmetry PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED Kananian, S., Alexopoulos, G., Poon, A. Y. 2020; 14 (6)
  • A Fully Integrated 32 Gbps 2x2 LoS MIMO Wireless Link with UWB Analog Processing for Point-to-Point Backhaul Applications Sawaby, M., Grave, B., Jany, C., Chen, C., Kananian, S., Calascibetta, P., Gianesello, F., Arbabian, A., Hueber, G., Wang, H. IEEE. 2020: 107–10
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  • A Compact 130GHz Fully Packaged Point-to-Point Wireless System with 3D-Printed 26dBi Lens Antenna Achieving 12.5Gb/s at 1.55pJ/b/m Dolatsha, N., Grave, B., Sawaby, M., Chen, C., Babveyh, A., Kananian, S., Bisognin, A., Luxey, C., Gianesello, F., Costa, J., Fernandes, C., Arbabian, A., IEEE IEEE. 2017: 306
  • Off-Resonance Oscillation, Phase Retention, and Orthogonality Modeling in Quadrature Oscillators IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS I-REGULAR PAPERS Nikoofard, A., Kananian, S., Fotowat-Ahmady, A. 2016; 63 (6): 883-894