Simona Vallone is an agricultural scientist with training and experience in science and technology of food production, sustainable development studies, food science and product development. She focuses on understanding the challenges and opportunities of sustainable food systems; evaluating the potential for innovations in agricultural technology, supply chain and governance in mitigating the socio-environmental impact of food systems; investigating the sustainability of the affluent diets and their impact on global land use and on rural livelihood.

Her training and research experience covers several aspects of the food system: from soil health and plant physiological adaptation to environmental stress; ripening processes and post-harvest physiology; to the development of processed food, its nutritional value, regulatory aspects and consumer preference. During her postdoctoral fellowship at University of California, Davis, and later working in the food technology startups in the Silicon Valley, her research often involved exploring technological innovations and their potential in reducing food waste and losses, as well as increasing consumer access to nutritious food.

Before working in the private sector, she was a postdoctoral fellow at UC Davis until 2013. She holds a PhD in Science and Technology of Agro-food Production from the University of Naples Federico II, Italy (2010); a master in Social Policies and Sustainable Development from the University of Bologna, Italy (2006), and a master degree in Agricultural Science from the University of Naples, Italy (2005).