Siobhan Powell received her B.Sc.(Eng) in Mathematics and Engineering with an option in Applied Mechanics from Queen's University, Kingston, Canada in 2016. She received her MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University in 2018, and is now a PhD candidate in the same department.

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  • Global Changes in Electricity Consumption During COVID-19. iScience Buechler, E., Powell, S., Sun, T., Astier, N., Zanocco, C., Bolorinos, J., Flora, J., Boudet, H., Rajagopal, R. 2021: 103568


    Understanding how the COVID-19 pandemic has altered electricity consumption can provide insights into society's responses to future shocks and other extreme events. We quantify changes in electricity consumption in 58 different countries/regions around the world from January-October 2020, and examine how those changes relate to government restrictions, health outcomes, GDP, mobility metrics, and electricity sector characteristics in different countries. We cluster the timeseries of electricity consumption changes to identify impact groupings that capture systematic differences in timing, depth of initial changes and recovery rate, revealing substantial heterogeneity. Results show that stricter government restrictions and larger decreases in mobility (particularly retail and recreation) are most tightly linked to decreases in electricity consumption, though these relationships are strongest during the initial phase of the pandemic. We find indications that decreases in electricity consumption relate to pre-pandemic sensitivity to holidays, suggesting a new direction for future research.

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  • Controlled workplace charging of electric vehicles: The impact of rate schedules on transformer aging APPLIED ENERGY Powell, S., Kara, E., Sevlian, R., Cezar, G., Kiliccote, S., Rajagopal, R. 2020; 276