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  • Calm Commute: Guided Slow Breathing for Daily Stress Management in Drivers Interactive, Mobile, Wireless, Ubiquitous Technologies Balters, S., Mauriello, M., Park, S., Landay, J., Paredes, P. 2020

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  • What a Driver Wants: User Preferences in Semi-Autonomous Vehicle Decision-Making Park, S., Moore, D., Sirkin, D., ACM ASSOC COMPUTING MACHINERY. 2020: 2964-2974


    To evaluate the association of genetic risk scores (GRS) of LDLR, APOB and proprotein convertase subtilisin-kexin type 9 (PCSK9) SNP and plasma LDL concentrations and to identify lifestyle interactions with the GRS in Korean middle-aged adults.Korean genome and epidemiology study (KoGES) was conducted to determine genetic variants and lifestyle factors, including nutrient intakes, in a retrospective hospital-based city cohort conducted by the Korean Center for Disease and Control during 2004-2013.Hospitals in Korea.Adults aged 40-77 years (n 28 445) without serious diseases.Subjects with the major alleles (risk allele) of LDLR rs1433099 and rs11557092, APOB rs13306194 and PCSK9 rs11583723 had higher plasma LDL concentration by 1·20-folds than those with the minor alleles. Subjects with High-GRS (major alleles) of the four SNP had higher adjusted OR for plasma total and LDL-cholesterol and TAG concentrations by 1·24-, 1·203- and 1·167-folds, respectively, but not HDL-cholesterol, than those with Low-GRS. Western-style flour-rich dietary patterns, but not balanced Korean-style and rice-based dietary patterns, had interactions with GRS to increase plasma LDL concentrations. Daily energy intake also interacted with GRS. In the high intake of Western-style flour-rich dietary patterns, carriers with High-GRS had much higher plasma LDL concentrations than the Low-GRS. With high energy intake, carriers with High-GRS had much higher plasma LDL concentrations than those with Low-GRS.Adults with major alleles of four SNP are recommended to have low-energy intakes with a balanced Korean diet need to avoid high-energy intakes especially with Western-style flour-rich diet patterns.

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  • !Vamos! Observations of Pedestrian Interactions with Driverless Cars in Mexico Currano, R., Park, S., Domingo, L., Garcia-Mancilla, J., Santana-Mancilla, P. C., Gonzalez, V. M., Ju, W., Assoc Comp Machinery ASSOC COMPUTING MACHINERY. 2018: 210–20