Education & Certifications

  • MS, Stanford University, Physics (classes mainly in physics and AI) (2018)
  • MSci, University of Cambridge (Trinity College), Astrophysics (2016)
  • BA (Hons), University of Cambridge (Trinity College), Physics (2015)

All Publications

  • DISCOVERY OF GAMMA-RAY PULSATIONS FROM THE TRANSITIONAL REDBACK PSR J1227-4853 ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL Johnson, T. J., Ray, P. S., Roy, J., Cheung, C. C., Harding, A. K., PLETSCH, H. J., Fort, S., Camilo, F., Deneva, J., Bhattacharyya, B., Stappers, B. W., Kerr, M. 2015; 806 (1)