Stephanie Fischer is a Ph.D. student with the Behavioral Decisions and the Environment group with Dr. Gabrielle Wong-Parodi. She holds a B.S. in Earth Systems and B.A. in Music Composition from Stanford University. She is interested in community-led solutions that help build resilience and environmental justice in the face of natural hazards and disasters, and identifies institutions and interventions that may support and scale these solutions. She is also interested in the ways culture, identity, language and place are important to develop effective messaging during emergency situations.

Education & Certifications

  • B.S., Stanford University, Earth Systems Science (2019)
  • B.A., Stanford Univeristy, Music Composition (2019)

All Publications

  • Improving adaptation to wildfire smoke and extreme heat in frontline communities: evidence from a community-engaged pilot study in the San Francisco Bay Area ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS Herbert, N., Beckman, C., Cannedy, C., Cao, J., Cho, S., Fischer, S., Huang, S., Kramer, S. J., Lopez, O., Lopez, S., Ouyang, D., Suckale, J., Wulf-Saena, V., Zhang, Z., Wong-Parodi, G. 2023; 18 (7)
  • Wildfire Smoke Clean Air Centers: Identifying Barriers and Opportunities for Improvement from California Practitioner and Community Perspectives SOCIETY & NATURAL RESOURCES Treves, R. J., Liu, E., Fischer, S. L., Rodriguez, E., Wong-Parodi, G. 2022
  • A path forward for qualitative research on sustainability in the COVID-19 pandemic. Sustainability science Santana, F. N., Hammond Wagner, C., Berlin Rubin, N., Bloomfield, L. S., Bower, E. R., Fischer, S. L., Santos, B. S., Smith, G. E., Muraida, C. T., Wong-Parodi, G. 2021: 1–7


    The unique strengths of qualitative research, through in-depth inquiry and identification of unexpected themes and linkages, is essential to our growing understanding of COVID-19's impacts on the social world and its intersection with sustainability science. However, many challenges-physical, psychological, and ethical in nature-face qualitative researchers during the pandemic, as social distancing and travel restrictions prevent in-person field work. In this paper, we outline the essential contributions of qualitative study to sustainability science, discuss current challenges, and in turn, provide recommendations for researchers.

    View details for DOI 10.1007/s11625-020-00894-8

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  • Responding to simultaneous crises: communications and social norms of mask behavior during wildfires and COVID-19 ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS Santana, F. N., Fischer, S. L., Jaeger, M. O., Wong-Parodi, G. 2020; 15 (11)