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  • Proton Transfer Dynamics in the Aprotic Proton Accepting Solvent 1-Methylimidazole. The journal of physical chemistry. B Thomaz, J. E., Walker, A. R., Van Wyck, S. J., Meisner, J., Martinez, T. J., Fayer, M. D. 2020


    The dynamics of proton transfer to the aprotic solvent 1-methylimidazole (MeIm, proton acceptor) from the photoacid 8-hydroxypyrene-1,3,6-trisulfonic acid trisodium salt (HPTS) was investigated using fast fluorescence measurements. The closely related molecule, 8-methoxypyrene-1,3,6-trisulfonic acid trisodium salt (MPTS), which is not a photoacid, was also studied for comparison. Following optical excitation, the wavelength-dependent population dynamics of HPTS in MeIm resulting from the deprotonation process were collected over the entire fluorescence emission window. Analysis of the time-dependent fluorescence spectra revealed four distinct fluorescence bands that appear and decay on different time scales. We label these four states as protonated (P), associated I (AI), associated II (AII), and deprotonated (D). We find that the simple kinetic scheme of P AI AII D is not consistent with the data. Instead, the kinetic scheme that describes the data has P decaying into AI, which mainly goes on to deprotonation (D), but AI can also feed into AII. AII can return to AI or decay to the ground state, but does not deprotonate within experimental error. Quantum chemistry and excited state QM/MM Born-Oppenheimer molecular dynamics simulations indicate that AI and AII are two H-bonding conformations of MeIm to the HPTS hydroxyl, axial, and equatorial, respectively.

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