I began work in the field of digital libraries in 1999, managing a five-year effort to digitize and preserve the publications and documents of the General Agreements on Tariffs and Trade, a 2 million page archive held at the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland (

In 2002 I helped deploy the first digitization lab in the world to use a fully automated robotic page-turning scanner for the mass digitization of books.

In 2005 I became the technical project manager of the Parker Library on the Web, an effort to digitize and publish online digital reproductions of over 500 rare Anglo-Saxon manuscripts. I have since managed several large-scale projects to preserve and provide online access to unique library collections.

In my current position I wear two hats: I manage the digitization program at SUL, with programmatic oversight of the digital imaging labs. I also work on a variety of web projects. I was the technical manager of the recent redesign of the library website. I am also active in the International Image Interoperability Framework, an effort to define APIs and build tools to help major digital libraries more easily share their images.