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  • 1 kW, Multi-MHz Wireless Charging for Electric Transportation Phan, T., Zulauf, G., Fan, J. A., Rivas-Davila, J. M., IEEE IEEE. 2020: 795-801
  • Robust design of topology-optimized metasurfaces OPTICAL MATERIALS EXPRESS Wang, E. W., Sell, D., Phan, T., Fan, J. A. 2019; 9 (2): 469–82
  • High-efficiency, large-area, topology-optimized metasurfaces. Light, science & applications Phan, T. n., Sell, D. n., Wang, E. W., Doshay, S. n., Edee, K. n., Yang, J. n., Fan, J. A. 2019; 8: 48


    Metasurfaces are ultrathin optical elements that are highly promising for constructing lightweight and compact optical systems. For their practical implementation, it is imperative to maximize the metasurface efficiency. Topology optimization provides a pathway for pushing the limits of metasurface efficiency; however, topology optimization methods have been limited to the design of microscale devices due to the extensive computational resources that are required. We introduce a new strategy for optimizing large-area metasurfaces in a computationally efficient manner. By stitching together individually optimized sections of the metasurface, we can reduce the computational complexity of the optimization from high-polynomial to linear. As a proof of concept, we design and experimentally demonstrate large-area, high-numerical-aperture silicon metasurface lenses with focusing efficiencies exceeding 90%. These concepts can be generalized to the design of multifunctional, broadband diffractive optical devices and will enable the implementation of large-area, high-performance metasurfaces in practical optical systems.

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  • Ultra-High-Efficiency Anomalous Refraction with Dielectric Metasurfaces ACS PHOTONICS Sell, D., Yang, J., Wang, E. W., Phan, T., Doshay, S., Fan, J. A. 2018; 5 (6): 2402–7
  • Metasurface Lenses Based on Topology-Optimized Wavelength-Scale Building Blocks Phan, T., Sell, D., Yang, J., Doshay, S., Fan, J. A., IEEE IEEE. 2018
  • Multifunctional Silicon Metagratings Sell, D., Yang, J., Doshay, S., Wang, E., Phan, T., Fan, J. A., IEEE IEEE. 2018
  • High Efficiency Aperiodic Metasurfaces Based on Variable Phase Shifting Element Spacing Jiang, J., Phan, T., Fan, J. A., IEEE IEEE. 2018