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  • GLO-Roots: an imaging platform enabling multidimensional characterization of soil-grown root systems ELIFE Rellan-Alvarez, R., Lobet, G., Lindner, H., Pradier, P., Sebastian, J., Yee, M., Geng, Y., Trontin, C., LaRue, T., Schrager-Lavelle, A., Haney, C. H., Nieu, R., Maloof, J., Vogel, J. P., Dinneny, J. R. 2015; 4


    Root systems develop different root types that individually sense cues from their local environment and integrate this information with systemic signals. This complex multi-dimensional amalgam of inputs enables continuous adjustment of root growth rates, direction, and metabolic activity that define a dynamic physical network. Current methods for analyzing root biology balance physiological relevance with imaging capability. To bridge this divide, we developed an integrated-imaging system called Growth and Luminescence Observatory for Roots (GLO-Roots) that uses luminescence-based reporters to enable studies of root architecture and gene expression patterns in soil-grown, light-shielded roots. We have developed image analysis algorithms that allow the spatial integration of soil properties, gene expression, and root system architecture traits. We propose GLO-Roots as a system that has great utility in presenting environmental stimuli to roots in ways that evoke natural adaptive responses and in providing tools for studying the multi-dimensional nature of such processes.

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