Khoa Tran is a management researcher with multi-national research and entrepreneur experiences across the USA, Asia and Europe. His research interest is building a cross-national framework for a social innovation ecosystem that effectively fosters sustainable and impact-driven start-ups in frontier and emerging economies. He has assisted faculties at New York University Abu Dhabi, Cambridge University, Stanford University and Nguyen Tat Thanh Unversity in public health and social entrepreneurship with publication outputs in peer-reviewed journals.

On professional expertise, Khoa is a co-founder of 2 education ventures in Vietnam with 80+ employees and 500 students over the last three years. He also has experience in legal works and start-ups across Vietnam, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Poland, England, and the United States. As Khoa has experience helping young start-ups from over nine countries and interning in the M&A department at Ernst & Young, he can help facilitate new entrepreneurial programs for young Vietnamese and global change-makers across different growth stages.

Khoa Tran is a Legal Studies student at New York University Abu Dhabi. He has legal training and a short exchange at NUS Law Faculties (J-term 2020) and the New York University Abu Dhabi (Fall 2020).