I am a geochemist and paleoclimatologist focusing on the evolution of the water and carbon cycles, and their link to climate, through the past 65 million years. Merging laboratory analyses and numerical modeling, my work aims to quantitatively reconstruct ancient environmental and climatic parameters, and their evolution over time. Before starting at Stanford I completed a B.A. in Earth and Planetary Sciences from Northwestern University.

All Publications

  • The resilience of Amazon tree cover to past and present drying GLOBAL AND PLANETARY CHANGE Kukla, T., Ahlstrom, A., Maezumi, S., Chevalier, M., Lu, Z., Winnick, M. J., Chamberlain, C. 2021; 202
  • Terrestrial climate in mid-latitude East Asia from the latest Cretaceous to the earliest Paleogene: A multiproxy record from the Songliao Basin in northeastern China EARTH-SCIENCE REVIEWS Gao, Y., Ibarra, D. E., Rugenstein, J., Chen, J., Kukla, T., Methner, K., Gao, Y., Huang, H., Lin, Z., Zhang, L., Xi, D., Wu, H., Carroll, A. R., Graham, S. A., Chamberlain, C., Wang, C. 2021; 216
  • Triple Oxygen Isotope Paleoaltimetry of Crystalline Rocks FRONTIERS IN EARTH SCIENCE Chamberlain, C., Ibarra, D. E., Kukla, T., Methner, K. A., Gao, Y. 2021; 9
  • Reconstructing Past Elevations From Triple Oxygen Isotopes of Lacustrine Chert: Application to the Eocene Nevadaplano, Elko Basin, Nevada, United States FRONTIERS IN EARTH SCIENCE Ibarra, D. E., Kukla, T., Methner, K. A., Mulch, A., Chamberlain, C. 2021; 9
  • High-Resolution Stable Isotope Paleotopography of the John Day Region, Oregon, United States FRONTIERS IN EARTH SCIENCE Kukla, T., Ibarra, D., Rugenstein, J., Gooley, J. T., Mullins, C. E., Kramer, S., Moragne, D. Y., Chamberlain, C. 2021; 9
  • High-Resolution Environmental Magnetism Using the Quantum Diamond Microscope (QDM): Application to a Tropical Speleothem FRONTIERS IN EARTH SCIENCE Fu, R. R., Hess, K., Jaqueto, P., Novello, V. F., Kukla, T., Trindade, R. F., Strikis, N. M., Cruz, F. W., Ben Dor, O. 2021; 8
  • Atmospheric flow deflection in the late Cenozoic Sierra Nevada EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS Mix, H. T., Rugenstein, J., Reilly, S. P., Ritch, A. J., Winnick, M. J., Kukla, T., Chamberlain, C. 2019; 518: 76–85
  • The sensitivity of terrestrial δ18O gradients to hydroclimate evolution Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres Kukla, T., Winnick, M. J., Maher, K., Ibarra, D. E., Chamberlain, C. 2019; 124 (2): 563-582

    View details for DOI 10.1029/2018JD029571