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  • BETA: a comprehensive benchmark for computational drug-target prediction. Briefings in bioinformatics Zong, N., Li, N., Wen, A., Ngo, V., Yu, Y., Huang, M., Chowdhury, S., Jiang, C., Fu, S., Weinshilboum, R., Jiang, G., Hunter, L., Liu, H. 2022


    Internal validation is the most popular evaluation strategy used for drug-target predictive models. The simple random shuffling in the cross-validation, however, is not always ideal to handle large, diverse and copious datasets as it could potentially introduce bias. Hence, these predictive models cannot be comprehensively evaluated to provide insight into their general performance on a variety of use-cases (e.g. permutations of different levels of connectiveness and categories in drug and target space, as well as validations based on different data sources). In this work, we introduce a benchmark, BETA, that aims to address this gap by (i) providing an extensive multipartite network consisting of 0.97 million biomedical concepts and 8.5 million associations, in addition to 62 million drug-drug and protein-protein similarities and (ii) presenting evaluation strategies that reflect seven cases (i.e. general, screening with different connectivity, target and drug screening based on categories, searching for specific drugs and targets and drug repurposing for specific diseases), a total of seven Tests (consisting of 344 Tasks in total) across multiple sampling and validation strategies. Six state-of-the-art methods covering two broad input data types (chemical structure- and gene sequence-based and network-based) were tested across all the developed Tasks. The best-worst performing cases have been analyzed to demonstrate the ability of the proposed benchmark to identify limitations of the tested methods for running over the benchmark tasks. The results highlight BETA as a benchmark in the selection of computational strategies for drug repurposing and target discovery.

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  • UNMET NEEDS AND PERCEIVED BARRIERS TO ACCESSING HOME AND COMMUNITY-BASED SERVICES AMONG CAREGIVERS OF VETERANS OF ALL ERAS Trivedi, R. B., Desai, S., Risbud, R. D., Humber, M. B., Lee, T., Ngo, V., Jacobs, J., Yefimova, M., Lorenz, K., Asch, S. M., Gallagher-Thompson, D. OXFORD UNIV PRESS INC. 2022: S582