Walter A. De Brouwer, Ph.D., is an Adjunct Professor at the Stanford School of Medicine. As a core faculty member at CERC DICE, he is the course director for “Innovation in Healthcare: from idea to incorporation,” which includes a bi-weekly presentation. He also serves on the advisory committee focused on the strategic direction for the program and is part of the leadership team developing the program curriculum and practicum. He is the founder of, a Palo-Alto-based Federated Edge Learning company for the payers/pharma industry which merged in January 2020 with Sharecare Inc.

Professional Education
Bachelor’s degree in Philology (University of Ghent, Belgium)
Master’s degree in Formal Linguistics (University of Ghent, Belgium)
Post-graduate: Epistemology (University of Ghent, Belgium)
Ph.D. Computational Semiotics (Catholic University of Tilburg, the Netherlands).