Willie was born and raised in Mexico City. Aged 16, he moved to the UK to continue his high school studies. In the fall of 2014, Willie arrived at Stanford to begin his undergraduate career in Mathematics. Interested in applications of mathematical theory, he later gained admission to the Master's program at ICME. Having completed his undergraduate studies and having passed the ICME qualifying exams last summer, Willie is currently seeking an advisor to guide him through doctoral research.

Education & Certifications

  • B.S., Stanford University, Mathematics (2017)

Personal Interests

At a high level, Willie is mainly interested in applying mathematical theory to the solution of real world problems. His theoretical interests are wide-ranging and he is also interested in practical implementations. When not thinking about math, Willie enjoys reading, running, playing golf, and meeting new people.

Work Experience

  • Teaching Assistant, Stanford University (1/2017)

    CME108: Introduction to Scientific Computing (Win and Sum), CME100: Introduction to Vector Calculus, and CME/EE263: Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems



  • Mathematics Grader, Stanford University (4/2015 - 10/2016)

    MATH113: Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory, MATH120: Groups and Rings, and MATH171: Real Analysis