Stanford Advisors

  • Le Cong, Postdoctoral Faculty Sponsor

All Publications

  • Long sequence insertion via CRISPR/Cas gene-editing with transposase, recombinase, and integrase CURRENT OPINION IN BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING Wang, X., Xu, G., Johnson, W. A., Qu, Y., Yin, D., Ramkissoon, N., Xiang, H., Cong, L. 2023; 28
  • Metagenomic Mining and Engineering of Single-Strand Annealing Proteins for Cleavage-Free Genomic Knock-In of Long Sequence in Mouse Hepatocytes via dCas9 Targeting Wang, C., Xiang, H., Wang, X., Xu, G., Johnson, W., Le Cong CELL PRESS. 2023: 140-141