Academic Appointments

Professional Education

  • PhD, University of Texas at Austin, Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering (2014)
  • Master of Science, University of Texas at Austin, Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering (2014)
  • Bachelor of Science, Sharif University of Technology, Chemical & Petroleum Engineering (2009)

Current Research and Scholarly Interests

I study fluid and solid mechanics in porous media at the intersection of energy, water, and the environment. The scientific focus of my research is to understand and develop capabilities to predict and control multiphase flow and transport processes in porous materials at the micron/nano scale and to translate such fundamental knowledge into large-scale mathematical descriptions useful for analyzing engineering problems.

My approach focuses on:

1 - Developing computational methods and advanced algorithms for accelerated simulation of fluid dynamics and solid mechanics at the micro scale so as to enable characterization of material properties (e.g., permeability, capillary pressure), optimization of design and operational controls in geologic (rocks/soil) and synthetic (fuel-cell/battery) porous media, and quantification of uncertainty

2 - Devising mathematical and computational methods to upscale microscopic predictions to large-scale engineering systems (core/field)

3 - Developing experimental techniques for characterizing hydro-thermo-mechanical properties of geologic porous media (e.g., shales) at high-resolution through a combination of meter-scale hyperspectral imaging and microscopy

Application areas that interest me include:

1 - geologic carbon storage
2 - hydrocarbon recovery
3 - geothermal energy
4 - subsurface hydrology
5 - fuel cells & batteries

All Publications

  • Multiscale Formulation of Two-Phase Flow at the Pore Scale Journal of Computational Physics Mehmani, Y., Tchelepi, H. A. 2019
  • Multiscale Computation of Pore-Scale Fluid Dynamics: Single-Phase Flow Journal of Computational Physics Mehmani, Y., Tchelepi, H. A. 2018
  • Minimum requirements for predictive pore-network modeling of solute transport in micromodels Advances in Water Resources Mehmani, Y., Tchelepi, H. 2017; 108
  • Quantification of organic content in shales via near-infrared imaging: Green River Formation Fuel Mehmani, Y., Burnham, A., Vanden Berg, M., Tchelepi, H. 2017; 208 (15)
  • Bridging from pore to continuum: a hybrid mortar domain decomposition framework for subsurface flow and transport Journal of Multiscale Modeling and Simulation - SIAM Mehmani, Y., Balhoff, M. 2014
  • Gravity‚ÄźInduced Bubble Ripening in Porous Media and Its Impact on Capillary Trapping Stability Geophysical Research Letters Xu, K., Mehmani, Y., Shang, L., Xiong, Q. 2019

    View details for DOI 10.1029/2019GL085175

  • Multiscale formulation of pore-scale compressible Darcy-Stokes flow Journal of Computational Physics Guo, B., Mehmani, Y., Tchelepi, H. 2019
  • Wrinkle-Free Interface Compression for Two-Fluid Flows Mehmani, Y. arXiv. 2018
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