Hi there!

I'm Zheng, a student of computer science here at Stanford.

I'm interested in probabilistic modeling, machine learning, and and using other algorithmic tools to help advance biology and/or make the world a better place. Please send emails to if you would like to contact me!

Anyways, here are some fun facts about otters.
1) Sea otters have the densest fur out of any mammal!
2) Otter mothers often blow air bubbles into baby otters' fur - this turns them into mini-floatation devices!
3) Otters mates hold hands while they sleep so they do not drift apart. Isn't that adorable?
4) Sea otters have a special pouch that they use to keep their favorite rock, which they use to crack open shellfish!
5) In Japan, there is a zoo where you can shake hands with otters!