Jen Weng is a PhD student in Computational and Mathematical Engineering with experience in designing and developing deep learning and computer vision algorithms. Webpage:

Education & Certifications

  • BS, Carnegie Mellon University, Mathematics
  • BS, Carnegie Mellon University, Computer Science

All Publications

  • Holistic 3D Human and Scene Mesh Estimation from Single View Images Weng, Z., Yeung, S., IEEE COMP SOC IEEE COMPUTER SOC. 2021: 334-343
  • Slice-based Learning: A Programming Model for Residual Learning in Critical Data Slices Chen, V. S., Wu, S., Weng, Z., Ratner, A., Re, C., Wallach, H., Larochelle, H., Beygelzimer, A., d'Alche-Buc, F., Fox, E., Garnett, R. NEURAL INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEMS (NIPS). 2019
  • Utilizing Weak Supervision to Infer Complex Objects and Situations in Autonomous Driving Data Weng, Z., Varma, P., Masalov, A., Ota, J., Re, C., IEEE IEEE. 2019: 119–25