Academic Appointments

  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Computer Science

All Publications

  • LDPTrace: Locally Differentially Private Trajectory Synthesis PROCEEDINGS OF THE VLDB ENDOWMENT Du, Y., Hu, Y., Zhang, Z., Fang, Z., Chen, L., Zheng, B., Gao, Y. 2023; 16 (8): 1897-1909
  • FACE-AUDITOR: Data Auditing in Facial Recognition Systems Chen, M., Zhang, Z., Wang, T., Backes, M., Zhang, Y., USENIX Association USENIX ASSOC. 2023: 7195-7212
  • PrivGraph: Differentially Private Graph Data Publication by Exploiting Community Information Yuan, Q., Zhang, Z., Du, L., Chen, M., Cheng, P., Sun, M., USENIX Association USENIX ASSOC. 2023: 3241-3258