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  • Evaluation of a Passive Wearable Device for Post-Stroke Shoulder Abduction Support. IEEE ... International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics : [proceedings] Vasquez, E. D., Simpson, C. S., Zhou, G., Lansberg, M., Okamura, A. M. 2023; 2023: 1-6


    Post-stroke upper extremity function can be improved by devices that support shoulder abduction. However, many of these devices provide limited assistance in activities of daily living due to their complexity and encumbrance. We developed and evaluated a passive, lightweight (0.6 kg) wearable device consisting of an aluminum frame and elastic bands attached to a posture vest to aid in shoulder abduction. The number and thickness of bands can be adjusted to provide supportive forces to the affected arm. We measured reachable workspace area and Wolf Motor Function Test (WMFT) performance in people with a history of stroke (n = 11) with and without the wearable. The device increased workspace area in 6 participants and improved average WMFT functional and timing scores in 7 and 12 tasks, respectively, out of 16 total tasks. On average, participants increased their arm motion within 20 cm of shoulder level by 22.4% and decreased their hand's average distance from trunk by 15.2%, both improvements in the device case.

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