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  • Nonreciprocal Thermophotovoltaic Systems ACS PHOTONICS Park, Y., Omair, Z., Fan, S. 2022
  • Does non-reciprocity break the Shockley-Queisser limit in single-junction solar cells? APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS Park, Y., Fan, S. 2022; 121 (11)

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  • Reaching the Ultimate Efficiency of Solar Energy Harvesting with a Nonreciprocal Multijunction Solar Cell. Nano letters Park, Y., Zhao, B., Fan, S. 1800


    The Landsberg limit represents the ultimate efficiency limit of solar energy harvesting. Reaching this limit requires the use of nonreciprocal elements. The existing device configurations for attaining the Landsberg limit, however, are very complicated. Here, we introduce the concept of a nonreciprocal multijunction solar cell and show that such a cell can reach the Landsberg limit in the idealized situation where an infinite number of layers are used. We also show that such a nonreciprocal multijunction cell outperforms a standard reciprocal multijunction cell for a finite number of layers. Our work significantly simplifies the device configuration required to reach the ultimate limit of solar energy conversion and points to a pathway toward using nonreciprocity to improve solar energy harvesting.

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  • Nontrivial point-gap topology and non-Hermitian skin effect in photonic crystals PHYSICAL REVIEW B Zhong, J., Wang, K., Park, Y., Asadchy, V., Wojcik, C. C., Dutt, A., Fan, S. 2021; 104 (12)
  • Violating Kirchhoff's Law of Thermal Radiation in Semitransparent Structures ACS PHOTONICS Park, Y., Asadchy, V. S., Zhao, B., Guo, C., Wang, J., Fan, S. 2021; 8 (8): 2417-2424