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  • Jian Qin, Postdoctoral Faculty Sponsor

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  • Insights into the capture mechanism of CO2 by diamine-appended Mg-2(dobpdc): a combined DFT and microkinetic modeling study JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C Lin, K., Xie, Z., Hong, L., Jiang, J. 2023

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  • Lewis Acid Probe for Basicity of Sulfide Electrolytes Investigated by B-11 Solid-State NMR JACS AU Jiang, S., Yang, S., Nikodimos, Y., Huang, S., Lin, K., Kuo, Y., Tsai, B., Li, J., Lin, S. D., Jiang, J., Wu, S., Su, W., Hwang, B. 2023
  • Characterizing the Impact of Mg-Doped Li Metal Anode and Excess Electrons on High Concentration Electrolyte Interfacial Stability: A Theoretical Study ACS APPLIED ENERGY MATERIALS Pan, S., Lin, K., Wu, W., Hwang, B., Jiang, J. 2023; 2023 (6): 3291-3300
  • Theoretical insights on alleviating lattice-oxygen evolution by sulfur substitution in Li<sub>1.2</sub>Ni<sub>0.6</sub>Mn<sub>0.2</sub>O<sub>2</sub> cathode material NPJ COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS Lin, K., Nachimuthu, S., Huang, H., Jiang, J. 2022; 8 (1)
  • Boron and Nitrogen Codoped Multilayer Graphene as a Counter Electrode: A Combined Theoretical and Experimental Study on Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells under Ambient Light Conditions JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C Lin, K., Cai, M., Wu, Y., Yeh, M., Jiang, J. 2021; 125 (45): 24894-24901
  • Direct visualization of lattice oxygen evolution and related electronic properties of Li<sub>1.2</sub>Ni<sub>0.2</sub>Mn<sub>0.6</sub>O<sub>2</sub> cathode materials APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE Nachimuthu, S., Huang, H., Lin, K., Yu, C., Jiang, J. 2021; 563
  • The fluorescence turn-off mechanism of a norbornene-derived homopolymer - an Al<SUP>3+</SUP> colorimetric and fluorescent chemosensor MATERIALS ADVANCES Le, T., Lin, K., Valaboju, A., Lee, C., Jiang, J., Rao, N. 2021; 2 (14): 4685-4693

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  • Effects of Electric Field on the Performance of Graphene-Based Counter Electrodes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells: A Theoretical Study JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C Lin, K., Nachimuthu, S., Minh Tho Nguyen, Mizuta, H., Jiang, J. 2019; 123 (50): 30373-30381
  • Boron and Nitrogen Co-doped Graphene Used As Counter Electrode for Iodine Reduction in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C Lin, K., Minh Tho Nguyen, Waki, K., Jiang, J. 2018; 122 (46): 26385-26392
  • Aqueous solution-processed off-stoichiometric Cu-In-S QDs and their application in quantum dot-sensitized solar cells JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A Chiang, Y., Lin, K., Chen, Y., Waki, K., Abate, M., Jiang, J., Chang, J. 2018; 6 (20): 9629-9641

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