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  • Regulated Cell Death of Retinal Ganglion Cells in Glaucoma: Molecular Insights and Therapeutic Potentials CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR NEUROBIOLOGY Zhao, W., Fan, C., Hu, X., Ban, X., Wan, H., He, Y., Zhang, Q., Xiong, K. 2023; 43 (7): 3161-3178


    Glaucoma is a group of diseases characterized by the degeneration of retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) and progressive, irreversible vision loss. High intraocular pressure (IOP) heightens the likelihood of glaucoma and correlates with RGC loss. While the current glaucoma therapy prioritizes lower the IOP; however, RGC, and visual loss may persist even when the IOP is well-controlled. As such, discovering and creating IOP-independent neuroprotective strategies for safeguard RGCs is crucial for glaucoma management. Investigating and clarifying the mechanism behind RGC death to counteract its effects is a promising direction for glaucoma control. Empirical studies of glaucoma reveal the role of multiple regulated cell death (RCD) pathways in RGC death. This review delineates the RCD of RGCs following IOP elevation and optic nerve damage and discusses the substantial benefits of mitigating RCD in RGCs in preserving visual function.

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