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  • Mixed Stochastic-Deterministic Approach for Many-Body Perturbation Theory Calculations. Physical review letters Altman, A. R., Kundu, S., da Jornada, F. H. 2024; 132 (8): 086401


    We present an approach for GW calculations of quasiparticle energies with quasiquadratic scaling by approximating high-energy contributions to the Green's function in its Lehmann representation with effective stochastic vectors. The method is easy to implement without altering the GW code, converges rapidly with stochastic parameters, and treats systems of various dimensionality and screening response. Our calculations on a 5.75° twisted MoS_{2} bilayer show how large-scale GW methods include geometry relaxations and electronic correlations on an equal basis in structurally nontrivial materials.

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  • Identifying Hidden Intracell Symmetries in Molecular Crystals and Their Impact for Multiexciton Generation. The journal of physical chemistry letters Altman, A. R., Refaely-Abramson, S., da Jornada, F. H. 1800: 747-753


    Organic molecular crystals are appealing for next-generation optoelectronic applications due to their multiexciton generation processes that can increase the efficiency of photovoltaic devices. However, a general understanding of how crystal structures affect these processes is lacking, requiring computationally demanding calculations for each material. Here we present an approach to understand and classify organic crystals and elucidate multiexciton processes. We show that organic crystals that are composed of two sublattices are well-approximated by effective fictitious systems of higher translational symmetry. Within this framework, we derive hidden selection rules in crystal pentacene and predict that the bulk polymorph supports fast Coulomb-mediated singlet fission with a transition rate about 2 orders of magnitude faster than that of the thin-film polymorph, a result confirmed with many-body perturbation theory calculations. Our approach is based on density-functional theory calculations and provides design principles for the experimental and computational discovery of new materials with tailored excitonic properties.

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  • Charge-spin interconversion in epitaxial Pt probed by spin-orbit torques in a magnetic insulator PHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALS Li, P., Riddiford, L. J., Bi, C., Wisser, J. J., Sun, X., Vailionis, A., Veit, M. J., Altman, A., Li, X., Mahendra, D. C., Wang, S. X., Suzuki, Y., Emori, S. 2021; 5 (6)
  • The role of iron in magnetic damping of Mg(Al,Fe)(2)O-4 spinel ferrite thin films APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS Wisser, J. J., Riddiford, L. J., Altman, A., Li, P., Emori, S., Shafer, P., Klewe, C., NDiaye, A. T., Arenholz, E., Suzuki, Y. 2020; 116 (14)

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  • Ultrathin interfacial layer with suppressed room temperature magnetization in magnesium aluminum ferrite thin films APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS Wisser, J. J., Emori, S., Riddiford, L., Altman, A., Li, P., Mahalingam, K., Urwin, B. T., Howe, B. M., Page, M. R., Grutter, A. J., Kirby, B. J., Suzuki, Y. 2019; 115 (13)

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