Abby holds a B.S. in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science from California Polytechnic State University- San Luis Obispo. At Cal Poly, she worked for two years as an undergraduate researcher with Kinesiology faculty members studying physical activity interventions and research translation. At Cal Poly, Abby also led a research study investigating the prevalence of eating disorders and the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on eating behaviors among undergraduate students at her university. Alongside this, she started a chapter of The Body Positive, a national eating disorder prevention program, at her campus.

She is currently the Lead Clinical Research Coordinator with the Female Athlete Science and Translational Research (FASTR) Program led by Dr. Emily Kraus. She is involved in numerous research projects related to the female athlete on topics such as the Female Athlete Triad and Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S), bone stress injuries, nutritional interventions for athletes, and research translation to athletes, parents, coaches, and trainers. In her spare time, Abby loves biking, running, and backpacking.

Current Role at Stanford

Clinical Research Coordinator Associate (to Dr. Emily Kraus) for the FASTR Program