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  • Trimethylene Methane Dianion Equivalent for the Asymmetric Consecutive Allylation of Aldehydes: Applications to Prins-Driven Macrocyclizations for the Synthesis of Bryostatin 1 and Analogues. The Journal of organic chemistry Wender, P. A., Luu-Nguyen, Q. H., Sloane, J. L., Ranjan, A. 2022


    We report a one-step (one-flask) generation and reaction of a bifunctional allylating reagent, a trimethylene methane dianion equivalent, that provides a route for the asymmetric 2-(trimethylsilylmethyl) allylation of aldehydes. The product of the first aldehyde allylation process is then set to engage in a second separate aldehyde allylation, providing an improved Prins macrocyclization strategy both for the scalable synthesis of bryostatin 1 and for the total synthesis of a new potent bryostatin analogue.

    View details for DOI 10.1021/acs.joc.2c02047

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