Professional Education

  • Bachelor of Science, Mumbai University (2011)
  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (2017)
  • Master of Science, Mumbai University (2011)

Stanford Advisors

  • Jin Li, Postdoctoral Faculty Sponsor

All Publications

  • Zinc Finger RNA-Binding Protein Zn72D Regulates ADAR-Mediated RNA Editing in Neurons. Cell reports Sapiro, A. L., Freund, E. C., Restrepo, L. n., Qiao, H. H., Bhate, A. n., Li, Q. n., Ni, J. Q., Mosca, T. J., Li, J. B. 2020; 31 (7): 107654


    Adenosine-to-inosine RNA editing, catalyzed by adenosine deaminase acting on RNA (ADAR) enzymes, alters RNA sequences from those encoded by DNA. These editing events are dynamically regulated, but few trans regulators of ADARs are known in vivo. Here, we screen RNA-binding proteins for roles in editing regulation with knockdown experiments in the Drosophila brain. We identify zinc-finger protein at 72D (Zn72D) as a regulator of editing levels at a majority of editing sites in the brain. Zn72D both regulates ADAR protein levels and interacts with ADAR in an RNA-dependent fashion, and similar to ADAR, Zn72D is necessary to maintain proper neuromuscular junction architecture and fly mobility. Furthermore, Zn72D's regulatory role in RNA editing is conserved because the mammalian homolog of Zn72D, Zfr, regulates editing in mouse primary neurons. The broad and conserved regulation of ADAR editing by Zn72D in neurons sustains critically important editing events.

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  • ADAR1: A New Target for Immuno-oncology Therapy. Molecular cell Bhate, A., Sun, T., Li, J. B. 2019; 73 (5): 866–68


    Three recent studies by Ishizuka etal. (2019), Liu etal. (2019), and Gannon etal. (2018) show that deleting RNA editing enzyme ADAR1 could induce higher cell lethality and render tumor cells more vulnerable to immunotherapy, pinpointing ADAR1 as a new immuno-oncology target.

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