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  • Integrating airborne remote sensing and field campaigns for ecology and Earth system science METHODS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION Chadwick, K., Brodrick, P. G., Grant, K., Goulden, T., Henderson, A., Falco, N., Wainwright, H., Williams, K. H., Bill, M., Breckheimer, I., Brodie, E. L., Steltzer, H., Williams, C., Blonder, B., Chen, J., Dafflon, B., Damerow, J., Hancher, M., Khurram, A., Lamb, J., Lawrence, C. R., McCormick, M., Musinsky, J., Pierce, S., Polussa, A., Hastings Porro, M., Scott, A., Singh, H., Sorensen, P. O., Varadharajan, C., Whitney, B., Maher, K. 2020