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  • Illusion of large on-chip memory by networked computing chips for neural network inference NATURE ELECTRONICS Radway, R. M., Bartolo, A., Jolly, P. C., Khan, Z. F., Le, B. Q., Tandon, P., Wu, T. F., Xin, Y., Vianello, E., Vivet, P., Nowak, E., Wong, H., Aly, M., Beigne, E., Wootters, M., Mitra, S. 2021
  • The N3XT Approach to Energy-Efficient Abundant-Data Computing PROCEEDINGS OF THE IEEE Aly, M., Wu, T. F., Bartolo, A., Malviya, Y. H., Hwang, W., Hills, G., Markov, I., Wootters, M., Shulaker, M. M., Wong, H., Mitra, S. 2019; 107 (1): 19–48
  • A 43pJ/Cycle Non-Volatile Microcontroller with 4.7 mu s Shutdown/Wake-up Integrating 2.3-bit/Cell Resistive RAM and Resilience Techniques Wu, T. F., Le, B. Q., Radway, R., Bartolo, A., Hwang, W., Jeong, S., Li, H., Tandon, P., Vianello, E., Vivet, P., Nowak, E., Wootters, M. K., Wong, H., Aly, M., Beigne, E., Mitra, S., Fujino, L. C., Anderson, J. H., Belostotski, L., Dunwell, D., Gaudet, Gulak, G., Haslett, J. W., Halupka, D., Smith, K. C. IEEE. 2019: 226-+