Anela is an E-IPER Ph.D. student and a Knight-Hennessy scholar researching the role of waste biomass energy in energy system decarbonization with a current focus on the difficult-to-decarbonize sectors like aviation. She received her bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College where she worked on designing biomass conversion processes that would aid in sustainably setting biofuels in a circular economy paradigm. Prior to Stanford, she worked as a Junior Energy Analyst for the Western Balkans at the World Bank and as a Climate Ambassador for The Climate Initiative. To raise awareness about energy poverty, Anela gave a TEDWomen Talk and addressed the UN at the UNICEF Activate Talks. While in her home country, Bosnia and Herzegovina, she developed renewable energy systems for rural communities using waste chicken feathers and municipal solid waste as feedstocks. Through her bioenergy research, Anela aspires to contribute to energy poverty alleviation by identifying opportunities for innovative energy technology and energy policy.

Current Research and Scholarly Interests

Anela researches the nexus between engineering, socio-economic, policy, and environmental components of energy systems. She currently focuses on the characterization of the scale and pace of integrating different energy systems with natural climate solutions.

Lab Affiliations