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  • Long-Term Robustness and Failure Mechanisms of Electrochemical Stripping for Wastewater Ammonia Recovery ACS ENVIRONMENTAL AU Kogler, A., Sharma, N., Tiburcio, D., Gong, M., Miller, D. M., Williams, K. S., Chen, X., Tarpeh, W. A. 2024
  • QSDsan: an integrated platform for quantitative sustainable design of sanitation and resource recovery systems ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE-WATER RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY Li, Y., Zhang, X., Morgan, V. L., Lohman, H. C., Rowles, L. S., Mittal, S., Kogler, A., Cusick, R. D., Tarpeh, W. A., Guest, J. S. 2022

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  • Systematic Evaluation of Emerging Wastewater Nutrient Removal and Recovery Technologies to Inform Practice and Advance Resource Efficiency ACS ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING Kogler, A., Farmer, M., Simon, J. A., Tilmans, S., Wells, G. F., Tarpeh, W. A. 2021; 1 (4): 662-684