Honors & Awards

  • National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, National Science Foundation (April 2020)

Education & Certifications

  • Bachelors of Science, University of Delaware, Biomedical Engineering (2020)

All Publications

  • Arbitrary Point Tracking with Machine Learning to Measure Cardiac Strains in Tagged MRI. Functional imaging and modeling of the heart : ... International Workshop, FIMH ..., proceedings. FIMH Loecher, M., Hannum, A. J., Perotti, L. E., Ennis, D. B. 2021; 12738: 213-222


    Cardiac tagged MR images allow for deformation fields to be measured in the heart by tracking the motion of tag lines throughout the cardiac cycle. Machine learning (ML) algorithms enable accurate and robust tracking of tag lines. Herein, the use of a massive synthetic physics-driven training dataset with known ground truth was used to train an ML network to enable tracking any number of points at arbitrary positions rather than anchored to the tag lines themselves. The tag tracking and strain calculation methods were investigated in a computational deforming cardiac phantom with known (ground truth) strain values. This enabled both tag tracking and strain accuracy to be characterized for a range of image acquisition and tag tracking parameters. The methods were also tested on in vivo volunteer data. Median tracking error was <0.26mm in the computational phantom, and strain measurements were improved in vivo when using the arbitrary point tracking for a standard clinical protocol.

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