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  • Water additives improve the efficiency of violet perovskite light-emitting diodes MATTER Hu, M., Fernandez, S., Zhou, Q., Narayanan, P., Saini, B., Schloemer, T. H., Lyu, J., Gallegos, A. O., Ahmed, G. H., Congreve, D. N. 2023; 6 (7): 2356-2367
  • Kinetics and mechanism of light-induced phase separation in a mixed-halide perovskite MATTER Peng, S., Wang, Y., Braun, M., Yin, Y., Meng, A. C., Tan, W., Saini, B., Severson, K., Marshall, A. F., Sytwu, K., Baniecki, J. D., Dionne, J., Cai, W., McIntyre, P. C. 2023; 6 (6): 2052-2065
  • Field-Induced Ferroelectric Phase Evolution During Polarization "Wake-Up" in Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 Thin Film Capacitors ADVANCED ELECTRONIC MATERIALS Saini, B., Huang, F., Choi, Y., Yu, Z., Thampy, V., Baniecki, J. D., Tsai, W., McIntyre, P. C. 2023
  • Nanocrystallite Seeding of Metastable Ferroelectric Phase Formation in Atomic Layer-Deposited Hafnia-Zirconia Alloys. ACS applied materials & interfaces Yu, Z., Saini, B., Liu, Y., Huang, F., Mehta, A., Baniecki, J. D., Wong, H. P., Tsai, W., McIntyre, P. C. 2022


    Hafnia-based ferroelectric thin films are promising for semiconductor memory and neuromorphic computing applications. Amorphous, as-deposited, thin-film binary alloys of HfO2 and ZrO2 transform to the metastable, orthorhombic ferroelectric phase during post-deposition annealing and cooling. This transformation is generally thought to involve formation of a tetragonal precursor phase that distorts into the orthorhombic phase during cooling. In this work, we systematically study the effects of atomic layer deposition (ALD) temperature on the ferroelectricity of post-deposition-annealed Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 (HZO) thin films. Seed crystallites having interplanar spacings consistent with the polar orthorhombic phase are observed by a plan-view transmission electron microscope in HZO thin films deposited at an elevated ALD temperature. After ALD under conditions that promote formation of these nanocrystallites, high-polarization (Pr > 18 muC/cm2) ferroelectric switching is observed after rapid thermal annealing (RTA) at low temperature (350 °C). These results indicate the presence of minimal non-ferroelectric phases retained in the films after RTA when the ALD process forms nanocrystalline particles that seed subsequent formation of the polar orthorhombic phase.

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  • CeO2 Doping of Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 Thin Films for High Endurance Ferroelectric Memories ADVANCED ELECTRONIC MATERIALS Yu, Z., Saini, B., Liao, P., Chang, Y., Hou, D., Nien, C., Shih, Y., Yeong, S., Afanas'ev, V., Huang, F., Baniecki, J. D., Mehta, A., Chang, C., Wong, H., Tsai, W., McIntyre, P. C. 2022
  • Imaging light-induced phase separation dynamics of inorganic halide perovskites Peng, S., Meng, A., Tan, W., Braun, M., Saini, B., Severson, K., Marshall, A., McIntyre, P. C., IEEE IEEE. 2020