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  • Pwehe Ke Kai a"o H"ena: Creating State Law based on Customary Indigenous Norms of Coastal Management SOCIETY & NATURAL RESOURCES Vaughan, M. B., Thompson, B., Ayers, A. L. 2017; 30 (1): 31-46
  • Barriers to Innovation in Urban Wastewater Utilities: Attitudes of Managers in California ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT Kiparsky, M., Thompson, B. H., Binz, C., Sedlak, D. L., Tummers, L., Truffer, B. 2016; 57 (6): 1204-1216


    In many regions of the world, urban water systems will need to transition into fundamentally different forms to address current stressors and meet impending challenges-faster innovation will need to be part of these transitions. To assess the innovation deficit in urban water organizations and to identify means for supporting innovation, we surveyed wastewater utility managers in California. Our results reveal insights about the attitudes towards innovation among decision makers, and how perceptions at the level of individual managers might create disincentives for experimentation. Although managers reported feeling relatively unhindered organizationally, they also spend less time on innovation than they feel they should. The most frequently reported barriers to innovation included cost and financing; risk and risk aversion; and regulatory compliance. Considering these results in the context of prior research on innovation systems, we conclude that collective action may be required to address underinvestment in innovation.

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  • Assessment of human-natural system characteristics influencing global freshwater supply vulnerability ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS Padowski, J. C., Gorelick, S. M., Thompson, B. H., Rozelle, S., Fendorf, S. 2015; 10 (10)
  • Adapting Conservation Easements to Climate Change CONSERVATION LETTERS Rissman, A. R., Owley, J., Shaw, M. R., Thompson, B. (. 2015; 8 (1): 68-76

    View details for DOI 10.1111/conl.12099

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  • The Innovation Deficit in Urban Water: The Need for an Integrated Perspective on Institutions, Organizations, and Technology ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE Kiparsky, M., Sedlak, D. L., Thompson, B. H., Truffer, B. 2013; 30 (8): 395-408
  • Institutional incentives for managing the landscape: Inducing cooperation for the production of ecosystem services ECOLOGICAL ECONOMICS Goldman, R. L., Thompson, B. H., Daily, G. C. 2007; 64 (2): 333-343
  • Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist: Prizing people, place, and history STANFORD LAW REVIEW Thompson, B. H. 2006; 58 (6): 1695-1703
  • The continuing innovation of citizen enforcement UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS LAW REVIEW Thompson, B. H. 2000: 185-236
  • People or prairie chickens: The uncertain search for optimal biodiversity STANFORD LAW REVIEW Thompson, B. H. 1999; 51 (5): 1127-1185
  • Endangered Species Act: A case study in takings & incentives STANFORD LAW REVIEW Thompson, B. H. 1997; 49 (2): 305-380
  • JUDICIAL TAKINGS VIRGINIA LAW REVIEW Thompson, B. H. 1990; 76 (8): 1449-1544