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  • Inverse Design of Plasma Metamaterial Devices for Optical Computing PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED Rodriguez, J. A., Abdalla, A. I., Wang, B., Lou, B., Fan, S., Cappelli, M. A. 2021; 16 (1)
  • Theory for Twisted Bilayer Photonic Crystal Slabs. Physical review letters Lou, B., Zhao, N., Minkov, M., Guo, C., Orenstein, M., Fan, S. 2021; 126 (13): 136101


    We analyze scattering properties of twisted bilayer photonic crystal slabs through a high-dimensional plane wave expansion method. The method is applicable for arbitrary twist angles and does not suffer from the limitations of the commonly used supercell approximation. We show strongly tunable resonance properties of this system which can be accounted for semianalytically from a correspondence relation to a simpler structure. We also observe strongly tunable resonant chiral behavior in this system. Our work provides the theoretical foundation for predicting and understanding the rich optical physics of twisted multilayer photonic crystal systems.

    View details for DOI 10.1103/PhysRevLett.126.136101

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  • Wide wavelength-tunable narrow-band thermal radiation from moire patterns APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS Guo, C., Guo, Y., Lou, B., Fan, S. 2021; 118 (13)

    View details for DOI 10.1063/5.0047308

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  • Inverse Design of Photonic Crystals through Automatic Differentiation ACS PHOTONICS Minkov, M., Williamson, I. D., Andreani, L. C., Gerace, D., Lou, B., Song, A. Y., Hughes, T. W., Fan, S. 2020; 7 (7): 1729–41