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  • Connor Regan

    Connor Regan

    MBA, expected graduation 2023
    Course Asst-Graduate, Callander
    Course Asst-Graduate, Graduate School of Business - Other Faculty

    BioHi, I'm Connor.

    I'm a curious and ambitious person with a strong belief in technology's potential to effect meaningful societal change at unprecedented scale. I've spent half a decade engaging in a range of technology topics at Google, YouTube, Nest, Facebook and Tesla, but I'm excited by innovation being driven all across the tech industry – especially by scrappy startups and challengers.

    I'm a systems thinker with wide exposure to business and technical challenges and an appetite for learning. As an undergrad at Northwestern, I took on 11 internships to gain my uniquely diverse vantage point, and I’ve continued to prioritize breadth of experience in my career.

    My teams would describe me as a product manager who can speak the language of engineering, ops, design, policy and product marketing – thanks in large part to that breadth of experience. And while I'm especially passionate about financial inclusion and the future of cities, I'm ultimately focused on creating products and experiences that make‎ people's days better.