School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences

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  • Andrew Hume

    Andrew Hume

    Ph.D. Student in Environment and Resources

    BioAndrew researches linkages between oceanography and sustainable development with a particular focus on island nations. He draws from his past field research experiences in marine science and professional experiences working in sustainable development for the World Bank, UN, and international NGOs. Andrew has M.Sc. in Environmental Science from the University of Virginia

  • Stepfan Huntsman

    Stepfan Huntsman

    Masters Student in Geological Sciences

    BioI've had an interest in rocks and fossils since I was a small child, amassing a large collection in my youth, but hadn't considered it a viable career path instead starting my path as a social scientist studying gender and sexuality. My interest in a career in paleontology peaked after finishing my first degree, leading me to pursue a second bachelors degree. While working on my undergraduate at Weber State I discovered a true deep love of plants as well as a curiosity about the methods they use to adapt to new environments, which has lead me to pursuing a Masters degree here at Stanford University.