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  • Daniel J O'Shea

    Daniel J O'Shea

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Electrical Engineering

    BioI am currently pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience with Krishna Shenoy in the Neural Prosthetics Systems lab. I am interested the neural basis of movement and motor feedback control. Towards this end, I am engaged in collaborative research employing multielectrode array recordings, optogenetic and electrical stimulation, haptic feedback devices, and high dimensional modeling of population dynamics.

  • Alireza Ostadhossein

    Alireza Ostadhossein

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Mechanical Engineering

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsMulti-scale modeling of battery materials:

    - Atomistic Modeling and Computational Design of Materials: Machine learning and High-throughput screening, Reactive Molecular Dynamics simulation, Density Functional Theory

    Computational modeling of two-dimensional materials such as graphene, MoS2, MXene

    -Development and Application of ReaxFF Reactive potentials

    Mechanics of Materials: Fracture mechanics, Micromechanics of defects in solids, damage mechanics, non-local continuum mechanics, and wave propagation.

  • Gaddiel  Ouaknin

    Gaddiel Ouaknin

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Chemical Engineering

    BioMy research interests include computational mathematics, parallel algorithms, soft matter and stochastic calculus. During my PhD, using polymer field theory and level set methods, I developed shape optimization algorithms for predicting the phases of polymeric materials with a free surface. I recently developed parallel algorithms on distributed memory architecture for Accelerated Stokesian Dynamics (ASD) to simulate large-scale stochastic particle systems correlated through hydrodynamic interactions. I currently try to embed modern machine learning techniques to exploit the data generated by ASD simulations. I am also interested in stochastic calculus theory and applications.