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  • Moutaz Fakhry

    Moutaz Fakhry

    Speech Tutor, School of Engineering - Technical Communications Program

    BioChief of Staff, Global Operations
    Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

    BS in Electrical Engineering, Ain Shams University
    MS in Management, Stanford Graduate School of Business
    MA in Public Policy, Stanford University

    Moutaz has 15 years of experience at leading companies that manufacture semiconductors. He has been part of the foundry technology organization at Advanced Micro Devices, where his team is involved in defining yield-acceleration strategies that enable high-performance semiconductor solutions. Moutaz was previously a project manager at IBM, leading a team of 25 engineers who contributed US $5.5 million to IBM’s annual savings by pushing the limits of chip manufacturing technology. At Mentor Graphics, Moutaz led a joint development agreement and concluded consulting engagements that contributed US $15 million in revenue over three years. Early in his career, Moutaz co-founded Innovance after taking second in the Technology Development Fund competition for best startup business model in Cairo, Egypt, in 2006.