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  • Iunio Iervolino

    Iunio Iervolino

    Affiliate, Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Bio- Professor of Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics (Univ. of Naples Federico II, Italy, 2014)
    - Seismic Risk Ph.D. (Univ. of Naples Federico II, Italy, 2004)
    - Earthquake Engineering M.Sc. (IUSS-Pavia, Italy, and Stanford, 2004)
    - Management Engineering M.Sc.(Univ. of Naples Federico II, Italy, 2000)
    - Main affiliation: University of Naples Federico II (Italy)

    Stanford reference persons: prof. Jack W. Baker, Mrs. Racquel K. Hagen (staff).

  • Soh Young In

    Soh Young In

    Research Engineer

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsMy research encompasses engineering, economics and public policy. It focuses on clean energy finance and entrepreneurship. My current research projects (1) investigate clean investment performance in the capital market; (2) analyze networks between investors and entrepreneurs; and (3) aim to create an innovative investment vehicle for clean technology startups. My ultimate aim is to catalyze private capital in clean energy so that the world can transition more rapidly to a low-carbon economy.