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  • Umran Inan

    Umran Inan

    Professor of Electrical Engineering, Emeritus

    BioThrough measurements in space and at multiple remote sites in Antarctica, Alaska, and the continental United States, Professor Inan studies the Earth's ionosphere and upper atmosphere. Of particular interest are ionospheric effects of lightning discharges and the recently discovered phenomena of electrical discharges and luminous glows at high altitudes above thunderstorms. He also studies physical processes in the Earth's near-space environment, including space weather effects on navigation and communication signals, electrodynamic coupling of the ionosphere to the magnetosphere, wave-induced precipitation of particles out of the radiation belts, and cyclotron resonant interactions between electromagnetic waves and energetic electrons. He is also involved in the development of ultra-low-power and miniaturized radio receivers for use in remote polar regions and on micro-satellites.